Westdrill’s state of the art exploration services will help you get to the bottom of what lies beneath the ground. We specialise in track mounted, deep hole, reverse circulation (RC) drilling for a range of applications such as exploration, grade control, resource definition and water bore installation.

Our agile exploration drilling team has extensive experience in operating RC drilling rigs and delivering quality core samples. These rigs are designed to provide advanced mobility, precision hole alignment and minimise any irregularities when compared to other forms of exploration drilling. Depending on your needs, our versatile rigs can reach up to depths of 800m.

Our exploration services include:

  • Reverse circulation surface mineral exploration
  • Grade control
  • Resource definition
  • Water bore drilling and installation

We also take care of remote area accommodation with satellite telephone and Internet facilities.

Our equipment

We operate 3 truck and track mounted full RC drill rigs, all equipped with the Cone Sampling System to ensure accurate sampling every time. All include 4 tier riffle splitters and Multi Smart® or Flexit Smart® hole survey equipment.

Rig 21 – 2012 HYDCO RC70 on 6X6 Iveco Truck
A small versatile rig for Aircore or shallow to medium RC (up to 250m). Features include:

  • Hole size 127 – 140mm
  • Depth capacity 250m
  • On board air 900cfm / 350psi
  • Aux compressor 500cfm / 350psi
  • Booster 1200cfm / 1000psi

Rig 23 – Schramm 685 Track Mounted
Ideal for deep hole exploration and water boring. Features include:

  • Hole size 140 – 300mm
  • Depth capacity 800m
  • On board air 1350cfm / 500psi
  • Aux compressor 1150cfm / 350psi
  • Booster 2400cfm / 1000psi

Rig 24 – RCD 250 (By UDR) Track Mounted
A versatile rig with a fully automated rod handle that is ideal for medium size exploration. Features include:

  • Hole size 140mm – 300mm
  • Depth capacity 450m
  • On Board air 1150cfm / 500psi
  • Aux compressor 1150cfm / 350psi
  • Booster 2400cfm / 1000psi

Safety matters

With every project we undertake, our primary focus is ensuring we deliver safe exploration solutions by adopting and maintaining industry best practice. We dedicate our resources so that staff are trained in following safety policies and procedures, and stay on track with compliance at all costs.

Our dedicated OHS officer will work with you to achieve this by understanding your specific site requirements prior to commencing the project. We will then review these throughout the duration of the project to make sure safety standards are upheld.

Environmental commitment

Operating track based rigs ensures we are reducing the impact on the environment. These rigs are mobile and easy to control, which means the carbon footprint is smaller compared to other rigs. We also work hard to limit noise, dust and vibrations as a result of our operations.

If you want prompt, efficient and affordable exploration services for your site, look no further than Westdrill. Contact us to find out more.

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